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Commentary Forty-four: Article Twenty-six of the Universal Declaration & the idealism of the right to education

Author: Shawn Dexter John

My highest level of attained university academic degree Master of Arts in History (along with a Graduate Certificate special minor in International Studies) from Howard University in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America.

Lower level of attained university academic degree Bachelor of Arts in History (along with a minor in Economics) from Howard University in Washington, District of Columbia, United States of America.

My current location has been (at the time of the writing): Orlando, Florida, United States of America.


Every person has the right to education, and with that being stated clearly, education is a prerogative to be held at the greatest levels of civilization; every inspirational provision of cultural or political or economic mobilization is initiated or supplemented strongly by the material of formal or formalizing information, where we are to hope for the very best in establishing so.  The emancipations of technical & artistic thoughts have materialized certainties of the employment industries where by the provided report of speculative observation by cultural survey or governmental superintendence; the emancipations of professions & sciences & technology have incentivized motives of great exploratory refinement and inclinations in carrying us over to the apex-es and entrenches of passing & coming generational paradigms.  The material of Article Twenty-six pleases our greatest dreams of the popular polity.

The revolutions of minorities have led the mass, by the struggles of times & doctrines, towards accelerated courses of democracy. With education, establishments are introducing of, by facility & respectful discipline in pursuits, the cultivation of a growing way among the general expanses of population & demographical kinds. Therefore, much is to be made of the fundamentalization of the culture of education, in communicating of the mandatory introduction to the members of the youth towards the reasonable association of education with the evolutionary indoctrination of job variations & specialties (as are becoming more necessary by the passing tides of evoked formal necessities).

The common-hood of compulsory primary & secondary education within the majority of the countries of Member State statuses within the United Nations has been founding of great trends in  the areas of societal developmentalism; the emergence of pre-primary schooling has become ordinary & proven as profitable in the determinations associated with child development, where practiced safely, where I state this as this is being of an area of educational mobility.  The advancements in research & university systematization have proven quite much in the edification of industries and exploratory confinements & expanses, as deemed necessary by the popular conventions of the actors of skills and by the sound policy-making decisions of governmental specialties, also where practiced safely.

The right to education is to be of what is determinative in the effectuation of every area of knowledge; the motions for influencing or inducing the conditions of securing & developmental social factors, political factors, the factors of nature, the factors of the sciences & explorations & the arts, and the factors of human suffrage (in evoking the rightful principles of economic competency and for preserving relevancy in attending to the areas of the social engineering of infrastructure & resources) are to be established as qualifiable by comprehensive means where the most orderly compositional structures of tutor-ship for the open general public is necessitated for capitalizing on the talents & the endowments of wisdom.

The right to education demands of us the enfranchisement, nationally & within every conceivable area of the global sphere, of higher education determination in direct & true representation of the pursuits of the people & nation, standardization of the content & quality & the purpose of education, and diversity of the areas of concentration & social concentration where against political stratification (whether by the force of governmental insecurity or due to the force of popular over-constraints).  Education is to motivate the vibrancy of our intellectual capabilities, surely, where moralism & ethical constructional-ism are to support, regulate, & infuse reasonability within every education of technical training or rigidity.  Political thoughts are necessary for the emancipation of economic theory & effective conjecture, and for the freeing indoctrination associated with every rightful gain of systematization, where also for the organization of the social rally against the preservation of segmented ideals of met & disparaging comforts; education by the understanding of elemental theory has constructed orders of our mere inclination to support the popular choice or image, to create political parties of great certainties and purifying oppositions, to create the private capacities of commendable sectors & sustainable inter-dependency, and to develop functionable government of the known bound against the trepidation of the national people & our innate friendship with the rest of the world; the education arrives casually & frequently first (by the finding & endeavor by founding/lucky few) while our understanding & our growth become of the deserving actors of the at-large community.

The choice of every parent to decide upon the type of education certainly does not diminish what is to be compulsory and standardized where any demonstrated curricula of educational effort is only to merge the collective & individual pursuits of parenting family.  I placed great emphasis on the regards of those developments in the earlier work of The New Societies, where the conceptualization of parental choice surely reaches the occasion of the collective pursuits of the civic persons of the national environment where the collective security of ensuring that his or her minor-person is provided an international-friendly education is as valuable as the ability of customized institutional empowerment whether by the intrigue of [formalized] heritage purpose or by developmental purpose.

The right to education demands of us the enfranchisement of social mobility, diplomatic gains, & the perpetuation of political stability (where ennobling of the innate high-positions of suffrage & equalities).  Where the human personality is at issue,  the matters of our complexities, where of geographic, cultural, political, & situational developments are certainly to impound every measuring component of analysis & of data comprehension where for the conveyance of messages to each of us of every people of the world. We are to all be made endowed with the security of the property to education, and the access enabling for equally reaching the summits & leaps of employing vocations (by the reasonable provisions of governmental issuances & regulated allowances).  Where the information of technical studies insinuates the developable capacities of established forces & mechanism, the pursuit of everlasting peace is certified as of primacy within the sets of the institutional motives.  The full development of humanity begs of us the right to cultivate capacities of growth of the human community, in friendship, in the appreciation of every instance of rooted difference, where, though & primarily, in observation that our collective human kind is singular in nature, that we are in learning for the purposes of reaching each other’s determination of kind reciprocity & participatory social engineering, per the very best assortments of compartmentalization, friendly co-advocacy & opposing-advocacy (as is necessary), and in our understanding that the culmination of the depth of the brilliance of humanity sits outside every intellectualized constructs of human identity, that despite the love of our nation or heritage, our most endearing causes are within the vigor of peace & fraternity.

Special note:

As can be found as incorporated within the material of the suppositional Constitutive Charter of the published The New Societies, the mention of merit as being associable or supplementary or even representative of monetary value or in providing resources or accesses to individuals of the general public (of private or government identity), where in reflecting on what is compensatory in aiding or relieving an individual(s) per the merit of his or her efforts, communicates of what is truly reflecting of the requirements of designated provisions for fair & equal & non-discriminatory issuances to the particular person of contribution/met-condition and does not serve to replace any national monetary unit or any free market principle or any other tenet of democracy.  Here in America, the efforts of senior citizens & such have afforded the privileges of the positive effects of merit-based systems, often related to public services or subsidized private services, in relieving from financial burdens (thus, essentially serving as some sort of compensation or unitized/measurable relief for the persons of a certain criterion of met age or situation, respectively), and have afforded certain other privileges such as that which produces that the professional experience of non-profit employment does provide unitized/measurable financial relief where definitively based on the specialty of certain demonstrated efforts.

I should also make note that my usage of institution of higher learning, per page 188 of The New Societies, for example, does means the same as what has been commonly identified as an institution of higher education.

As I had elaborated on in the special note within the content attached to the posted material of Commentary Forty-three, where some of the newer Member States of the United Nations and some of the more strongly conservative Member States of the United Nations have refrained from the exerted full growth in pronouncing the tenets of fundamental rights (in communicating of the heavily-Muslim-majority countries of the Middle East), where regarding what are to be under the effects of their own official national constitutional frameworks, the policy-making decisions are quite important to make note of, where I am to once again make mention of Saudi Arabia, as an example, where each of these nations are still in need of much improvements in the areas of civil liberties and the popularly understood & practiced ordinary installations of democratic society in effectuating the equality of man & woman where not only by the principles of understanding but by the enablement of civil actions & civic participation (though the constitutional frameworks of some of the earlier inducted Member States of the United Nations, such as Saudi Arabia, where of this position, have been ennobled of satisfactory constitutional developments in ensuring that the rule of law is for orderly society and in enabling the amending power of government and United Nations review for the continual instances of notable advancement in the fundamental rights of persons); of these situations, we are to remain supportive of the United Nations’ aims of manifesting complete democracy within those nations, as speedily as is possible.  Where Saudi Arabia serves as a country of a governmental absolute monarchy, much related improvements are necessary and are to be effected by great implementation, where regularly-scheduled & ordinary elections of municipal/constituential determinations are constitutionally incorporated for the continuous practices of representative government, where Saudi Arabia is still in lack; thus the great value of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, where the Member States of the most noted embracement of democracy, at least, have all signed & legitimized the formality & philosophical purity of the Universal Declaration’s aim & natural effects.

Where every Member State of the United Nations, meaning the one-hundred & ninety-three (193) Member States of the United Nations, is a Member State which is of the process of global democratization of standard notions where met by formal acts of international certification, this notice is for understanding that no mis-organization is warranted; no national people of any Member State is to be deprived the rightful conjecture from the formal observance of the other Member States of the United Nations (where every Member State of the Caribbean Community, in being each a Member State of the United Nations, is a country which has completely & officially adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as I have found this necessary to make statement of continually where the recommendations of each article of the Document has been denoted in the national constitutional framework of each) and the administrative institution of the United Nations, as continuous progress is always necessary in ensuring that every person of every Member State and those few remaining non-Member States are each deserving of the effects of the formalities & influences of the signification of every Member State’s national & local governments where upholding by demonstrated continuous & regular practices and by the implementation where in void of the democratic principles of the Universal Declaration.

I do not write of conspiracies and do not base any of my material on any conspiracy; these are great likelihoods and are of a set of presented models for the accomplishment of perfecting diplomacy & perpetual friendships of the peoples of our world.  My studies & resulting understandings are of years of academic & professional endeavors, where expertise in the area of political development has truly resulted.  I do not mean to offend or bother any person who has been somewhat unaware of certain multi-national or international situations or of the inevitability of advancing pluralism.

* The education for healthy living (as is certainly inclusive of the drug-free development of our environments regarding the prohibition of illicit substances), community organizationalism, and the satisfying affairs of diplomacy are all significant components of comprehensive education & cultural denotation.

* We are to all be thankful for the great speech and motivating efforts of the former Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

My most immediate contact information for potential employers (where including employing fellowships & exclusive United States federal or state government offices/positions) regarding direct correspondences: or The literary content of each post is of the sole & valid intellectual property, the presented writer, me, Shawn Dexter John, where this is so per the laws of the United States of America and is created as so where of the intent to be recognized as being of my sole & valid intellectual property by every other country.



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