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The Supposition for just Immigration Policies: the design of a Reasonable Process & an Attainable Resolve

Author: Shawn Dexter John, Master of Arts

Title: The Supposition for just Immigration Policies: the design of a Reasonable Process & an Attainable Resolve

Location of this particular work: Orlando, Florida, United States of America

As a citizen, I am well influenced for explaining the matters of one of the most deliberately debated political power-point of our contemporary times – the immigration ordeal, as that which is in construction of considerable legislative quality. My American residence has and will continue to shape my understanding & engaging acts in relations to the matter of our achieved acceleration towards another pinnacling section of fervor-ish continuum; I convey this where much has been made in the halls of Congress and imaginably at the seated areas of the White House, though we can be certain that the assurance of a minimum facilitation of resolve on the topic is necessary as the aspiration in hope & happiness for many is truly affected. How did we develop the will to channel what at one point stimulated our societal connections in regard to what really constitutes common sensical approaches, where into a condition of expected substantive issuance by Congress, where moderacy appears so determinative of a successful Administrative insinuation by the President and his staff in pursuit of a globally endearing agenda towards marking the United States as a preserved country of positive manifestations in social development & enduring growth in internationalism, as this can only be the point of such an extra-ordinary belief in philosophical diplomacy and conceptualization for reasonable ends.1

As the United States has served as a great symbol of the considerations for the successes in emigration denotation, the reflections of this now age of intra-national diaspora of emancipated implementations have seasoned another style of occasion which requests that we take another stage onto the topical matter, though reasonably. Of the late 19th and early 20th century, the European emigration movements into the country was met by the harshness of critics and environment, by the foundation of established governmental customs & expectations, as the circumstances of isolation were met by immediacy; the times were as they were, and as the solutions were incorporated within the sections of public & private environments, we were then able to celebrate the success of our efforts and/or endurance in communicating of ourselves & others. I cannot allude to a time where the policy of great or significant emigration were truly met by popular admiration; however, the education of the representatives in government, in their consideration of diplomacy, global suffrage, & the subsequences by the encouragements where by the great plausibilities of long-term developments, did manufacture the agenda for popular disclosure, by law, attitude, & proper conceptions of capable sensitivity. Much has been endured emotionally & politically due to necessary perspectives & inabilities. The gradualism of change can come sooner or later, but our constant preferences cannot justify a belief in a procedural wait, by any categorical construction of topical substance, as the emotional content does matter much to some of our residing persons and does speak loudly to our soft but beautifying promotion of the global suffrage by comprehensible edification.

No denigration of our local systems, residential systems, emigration system, or civic system will be challenged by the primary propositions, as I am to trust the leadership quality of the current administration, in leading the liberal determination towards a recognizable non-approachability against the breach of the structure of law itself, as I am certainly aware that many may argue that the might of legalistic advocacy would propose the denial of such effectual substance. What-ever effects are made by the acts of Congress, what is also ensuring is the culmination of processes which are supportive of our greatest goals in displaying a central will to favor the emotionally-correct though by substantive argumentation in the issuance of just law & policies. As the Civil Rights of the middle twentieth century had displayed, the statutory nature of certain laws are in subsequence to wrongful premises, where those premises themselves were driven by situational modes of emotional developments as much as by those in exaction of customized conduct.

As I communicate on the matters of the universal consideration, I should make well note that as I have traveled to other countries over the past few years, I have noticed that the understanding of great substantive considerations for persons of non-citizenship residency are not well established for the process of formidable security of persons & households who are of the immigrant’s experience. The security of pure expectation, by the mandate of law, in the pursuit of citizenship, regardless of the breadth or depth of the instituted activism of employment services or provided contributive complimentary opportunities, are not well assuring for any emigrant person in being a cultivating or cultivated person of the particularity of nationality, by maximization where by the emotional fuel of psychological membership within the whole.2

So as I am quite complimentary of the societies of the varieties of countries (across the multi-national regions) in exclaiming that the mount of my perspectives, at the best heights, are significantly influenced by many experiences and studies on those related matters of foreign relations & international affairs, I am also an advocate of the healthy drive towards the further achievement, where situationally of national signification, as this serves no means against the universal implementary conceptualization of my scholarly perpetuation. However, what is most important is the plight of the pursuing man, pursuing woman, & the development of stable households in qualitative consideration of the wholesome health of child where in consideration of the idealistic thoughts as part of the composure of the careful informalities of diplomacy, as all these are certainly to affect the perfecting modulation of diplomatic protocol which supposes that the friendly status with every peoples is the paramounting idea of tranquility.

Any policy solution of the circumstances ought to reference by the most formalizing processes, that every person, where engaged in the matters of diligent work, is truly deserving of at least special considerations. Where there is a community of mention, of demographical success or subjection in considering those things which have been by the nature of human society (of formalities &/or informalities), the topic becomes specially deserving of great enacting powers by the forces of national legislature & administrative specialization; by so various of the criteria of assessments & understandings, “tranquility” supposes this idea. The persons of waged, by the nature of the current complications of national policy, do have accustomed consideration by the accented qualities of policies already established, but where in regard to the circumstances of documented arrivals (in arrival of the instituted comprehensive purposes of certain job variations). Where our collective or circumstantial efforts have provided the ways to entrance for many emigrating persons, where informal employment opportunities have been made available (in referring to what is undocumented by the federal construct in operations), where under the assessed information that work has been made so by the understanding of a reciprocal partnership during each related transaction (where those circumstances have revealed developed understandings of the benefits to many, in communicating to the American employers, where the lack of security for the informally employed is un-secure & generationally unfair), further considerations are to be made for either or both of the following solutions, where only both can suppose the greatest yield of resolution: 1) we are to provide that the community of those disenfranchised laboring individuals, where referring to the conditions of succumbed experiences, are given the path towards formalized American citizenship where each is to be equally protected against mis-treatment under the law no matter the stage of their incepting or continuing actions of relations, and 2) we are to formally figure a durable, greatly comprehensive, and greatly multi-lateral comprehension & effectuated diplomatic conjecture – the supranational cause of expansive proceedings, of newer conceptions, and of a newer manufacture of merited credit systems (as every nation is in composition of deserving populations for the securing conditions as are clearly inclusive of job security & growth), where of healthy regard for meeting any apparent problem of national issue.

The measure of formal wage and contributive services are of qualitative significance to at least every nation. No amount of provided opportunity, where aid is distributed towards the increased or maintained happiness, in referring to the most genuine of assessments, can be under-valued or under-counted. This is in understanding that no reasonable person is under the predication that remaining in a foreign country is a novelty act; one is to be certain that no individual truly remains in country to experience the good fates of the particular country where this person is not in pursuit himself or herself of pursuing such relatable societal gains & preservation. This does not suppose a mandate against deportation, but this is in promulgation of better understandings by the formative considerations of just provisions, as every person is to be considered of such a privilege, as no mere act of pursued enjoyment of a country is of the most hazardous consequences by nature to the fellow persons of that particular country. I am not in support of any person visiting any country for the purpose of breaking the law.

Therefore, the most formidable of concrete evidence for the disclosure of such leaning of resolutionary conduct is as the particular [overall] community of new-located individuals goes, meaning of documentable forms &/or inferences, where assuredly outside of the bounds of race, ethnicity, or creed. So how do we get to the point of deciphering the ways or means of ensuring that the visitation considerations are not abused; well, we have had a very strong visitation-based federal policy in place for many decades which calculates, certainly on a continuous basis, that over-population or truly over-burdening practices are curtailed by concise numbers & international expectations, in consideration of the rate of travel-return within the rightful periods of afforded time for visitation, as the behavior of people in general are well studied, and where we can be certain that only those of poorer countries are truly expected to generally ponder the matter of remaining (where in luck of better findings).

Where these purportions are convincing as they should be, we are to initiate, with every other far-seeing administration &/or country, the assurances that the multi-national prospects do not wither away due to our celebration of progressive pronouncements. The freedom of movement is entrenched within the fabrics of this topical matter of discourse & expansive purposes, as the movements of persons, ideas, & their manufactured outputs will serve as much of the greatest factors of any of the conceivable blueprint of sound confirmation. As the conservatives of the day will still say “secure the borders” where remaining assured of their rightful perspective, I am to still demonstrate in advocacy for the facilitative-ly strengthened emotional & philosophical abstractive-ness of supporting arguments for the insurance that every substantive formulation which is plausible for substantially affecting the family & household is to be (or preserved as) formally decorated with the features of access-areas for the most conscious considerations of situations. No family is to be made destitute due to the effects of the mere formulation of traditional suppositions &/or accommodated mentalities, judicial support, and/or the prerogative of political leaning/opinion/objective. The movement of freedom serves as a primary example of the fate of arguments, where the illegality of overdue-stay compels that the moderacy or compromise of those circumstances would warrant an acceptable “punishment” of stay, as this is possible for one governmental head-person(s) of correlating responsibility to insinuate or initiate in the development of policy; however, that would be less-thoughtful of any such policy deliberator(s), where the discretionary realities of such circumstances in our country do appear greatly to appreciate the legal areas for special considerations, where the minority status of the immigrants’ circumstances do appreciate the stance of any such creative output of within the limits of the law.

Where we may discuss the matters of criminal convictions, as a person is to be treated equally under the law, the standard treatment does not impose any burdensome privilege against the populace or any kind of person; I do not support criminality, where this instance of this message can only be an understatement of my opposition of cruelty or chaos, as I have strongly presented (by uber-communicated instances) my train of thoughts where against the mentality of dis-orderly conduct. This particular supposition is for the cognitive elimination of the circumstances of bigotry within & outside of its common self, and not in advocacy of any premise of justified un-lawfulness. My understanding of the practiced civil disobedience of the Mohandas Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther, or Martin Luther King, Jr., or of the non-wavering kindness of Mother Theresa, do not confuse my thoughts or understanding, as I am to make clear of the intents of this sort of conclusion.

The popular realities are of pure differences of political lineage, conservative & liberal; [poignantly] liberal, where both are recognizing of the specialty of moderating factors and of those moments of their greatest exemplifications in the refinement of opinions; in modern society, they produce comfortable dispositions against each other, and only truly effectuate the instances of determinative balancing with processes & the larger continuum of social construction. What has been is of a common expectation of the law where the leanings of understanding may either compliment finely or suggest some sort of fixing; the favor for immigration reform, as we understand the strength granted of immigration reform, as that which is essentially for the complete disclosure of the deprived emancipative determinations and of that which does not negate any part of the law & common understandings, is a necessary victory; the held dis-content with the projections of immigration reform may be consequent to mis-educations or the ordinary feeling of desired preservation of comfort. What may be attached to this state of thought considers the perception of inheritance which is entrenched in the psyche of folks all across the world, and though that is alright by the account of family teachings, experiences, & expectations, we can accept that the productivity of every person is justifiable for associable successes. Therefore, the inheritance of the immigrant’s struggle means much in America, if we are to attach ourselves to racial or ethnic or cultural beliefs in cultural determinations &/or acquired levels of grand inputs. This is applicable to the rest of the world, and in preserving our hopes against being subjected, in regard to the possible effects on our noted selves or posterity, where of experiencing the wrong ends of societal conditions, the safest leaps appear strongly convincing of the multi-national considerations in accelerating this plan of comprehensive & structural consciousness throughout the global landscape.

Our representatives are to be well educated more so than the rest of us, though never suggesting our disregard of our own hearts to supporting what is most moralistic as right; our representatives tell us the limits to our reactionary nature within civil society; though we hope that every individual is well endowed with the knowledge of great enlightening principles, our representatives in government can upset the force of any misconception or harshness of cultural denotations. Effectuating such exhaustive policies within every employment place or other place of impressionable purpose in societalism takes much work & continuous perfecting especially where the standard of law has to be well documented within the procedures of all kinds of service requests. Therefore, the suggestion, in regard to the most profitable outcome, has to arise for the purpose of enacting legislations for the cause of bestowing the elemental indoctrination for durable social & political thoughts within all formalities of human behavior within the sub-national jurisdictions (where I am to note the special allowances of federalism, as federalism pronounces the ability of the local administration for the issuance of non-obstructive enumeration of practices, policies, & underlining law in accordance to constitutional limits).

The related processes ought to be rescued by the Congressional procedures in consideration of every conceivable endeavor by the local governments, as emotions can run quite high at various modes or levels of discourse &/or reactionary conducts; the complexities of citizenship and residency, where in denoting the stated words of “citizens” & “persons” in the Constitution, do suggest generalities and peculiarities in detailing the standard & equal treatment along with the privileges of acquired citizenship of nation. This is always the safest forms of national delegations within the national construct; the diplomatic certainties of the issue affords no other awaiting of profound exemplifications where to be constituted by the force of any particular [provincial] state of the country.

The reasonability of the formulations of President Barack Obama (by the syndication of leadership excellence in denoting a minimum point of moderacy regardless of political argumentation where by the power of his creditability, passion, & the Senate [in understanding the intra-national diplomacy on the matters of prepared works on other conservative-motivated bills]) explains a preparation of the ages.3

His stance has been heavily emotional but determinative; the related understandings consider that fairness can be further expounded upon where past the related strains of legal stipulations on what the most primary necessities of public responsiveness should be & remain, that the understanding on the matters of dependency, culturalization, & genuine intent can suppose past the likely initial considerations which holds that the instances of special circumstances would instigate rightful outcomes by the efforts of observing persons; families cannot depend on those circumstantial arrangements, thus the reason for what appears to be of an abrupt current-administration finding – the need for a highly comprehensive passing by Congress where of the general cause and where of maturing security of relation. As I have elaborated significantly on the Prerogative of Mercy in other material, directly and indirectly, the radicalization of the enforcement system in America over the past few decades has met the expanse of such motivations, as are only rightful upon the matters of rightful purposes & activities. However, I label this phrase not to imply that there is true a defying or violent or in-cooperative disposition of any affected person where of a disregard of the generalizing perspectives held by some in accordance to or in referencing the methods of the utilized substantiation by material of the law; I provide this phrase here in referring the capacities for allowing the circumstances which are conducive for political thoughts to find the applicable implementation of applied mercy where the matters of law may be curtailing of measurably-circumstantial and/or general positivism in the pursuits of commendable progression, by generality (as only the wholesome responsiveness to generalities are most profitable in solidifying societally-firm resolutions).

The power of interests will support this cause, presumably, as much effort has been determined in relations; this may always serve as quite unpopular outside of the seats of Congress until the passing of the most fundamental set of provisions per bill, as much work & studies are necessary in articulating and detailing the matters of the approach, where the ordinary under-studying person on the matter would find a tiresome ordeal of finding the rational points of conclusion – the emotional plea therefore serves well in conveying this purpose, where by the time of enactment, the development of popular acceptance of the realities & necessities will set amount the mounts of political cultivations throughout the country, where eventually the majority of ordinary citizens will provide the ceremonial surmounting condition which is profitable. Yes, our higher representatives are in Washington, D.C. to represent our demands, but our demands remain treasure-ably dependent on the matters of diplomacy, human rights development, & universal acclaims. However, we can hold much integrity in knowing that this platform has been relatedly held by the Democratic party for some time, where the Democrats do currently hold the majority in the Senate and a substantial amount of seats in the House of Representatives, where we can expect the independent/moderate leaning Republicans to provide deserved support in formality, where of great preparatory discussions, & certain elemental pinpoints of the related satisfactions for progressivism.

At these points, we have been served the presentation of data numbers on the matters of the exacted community of foreign nationals of undocumented statuses residing in the United States of America.  My motive is not in determination of exciting any prospects of individuals pursuing entrance into the United States under false declaration or in encouraging any particular initiation of movements or trends which would negatively affect any other country within relatable capacities. Therefore, a positive inclination is to be channeled by enumerated form, in initializing the purposes of the demonstrated accentuation (where considering all perceivably in-numerable effects). What is to be sought is this motive towards the enactment of a directly comprehensive bill, of the purposes of meeting the ends of great emigration concern, and of the capacities of comprehensive yields throughout every administrative section of the country. In doing so, the security of employment pursuits serves for ensuring that the process is ennobling of proper allowances, as of measurable moralistic value by the pursuit itself (as we do live in a country of great employment formalities in regard to the capacities for employment growth), where the process of this whole insinuation of delivered manifestation of pursuit may incept upon the enrollment of education-related capacities or of contributive faculties of outside the traditional sphere of employment. Of relation, the security of the official household enablement, where by ordinary standards, stands for much. The capacity to protect the instance of [stayed] family receives the effects of the medical industry, healthcare formulations, & much of the related & other areas of public policy issuances. Where a family household exists in the United States of America, where a minor may be enrolled at any level of education provision, where an elderly person may be in favor of the healthcare provisions of the United States of America, where an able person of adult age may be in favor of gained employment in acquiring or preserving the stability of household, a fundamental claim ought to be made by our federal representatives, not in defiance of any granted variation of important national or local topics, but under the premise that this propositional occasion is necessary despite the privileges of minimal instances of those experiences but even more so important during the non-privilege of found several instances of those experiences (or where of several found instances of circumstances of those related conditions).

As I have stated before, the equal treatment under the protection of the law, regardless of the stage of process, is essential of any truly genuine set of provisions for curing those sorts of conditions. The security to travel throughout the times of inceptions of the related processes would ensure that the understanding does not present to our being any livable perception that the process is to theoretically incarcerate the person or family of such noble pursuits of non-abusive effectuations, as I have listed the most general causes which can truly be accounted for the circumstances of those instances of extended stay. The security of financial security & medical coverage necessitates stable conditions of formalized identification systems for those purposes and in general for the proper utility of the emancipated persons and the bureaucratic qualities of held responsibilities in regard to the developments of attending process. As I write this, I do understand that the service of positive argumentation may warrant the idealistic conception of accounted social lineage & principled manifestations for acknowledging that the political status-defining process and a-typical allowances of considerable standards of within the laws may perpetuate similar considerations as has been made apparent of global circumstances of refugee or refugee-like statuses; the procedures of over-reactionary generalities by the utility of statutory law have not determined any illegitimacy of those concepts where of international signification, as what is grandly right of the human determination stands firm of this like-enabled condition of cure.

Also, it should be noted that the well perpetuated comprehension of such good gestures are diplomatic in nature and do suppose a foundational condition for the future conjecture of economic & political partnerships for endowing those enacting qualities, as political partnerships, at these points, do support strongly the global emancipation into universal democratic indoctrination where in referencing every country being democratically-chartered for representative government & social freedom.

Special Note:

Happy Father’s Day to my father!


[1] I should explain, where some may ponder on whether or not there is a possible confusion of mine, regarding the matters of “our” or “we” as I have specially denoted in the material of this work and other works such as The Positive Variation for the furthering of the Caribbean Community; as I am of African descent, and where on special scholastically-special occasions I may use “our” or “we” in elaborative form on related matters, where this is certainly (though non-abusively, as the matters of rights & justice at times do rationalize peculiar considerations) exclusive of other American citizens of different racial backgrounds, where also as a person of Caribbean lineage & significant experience in reference to the experience of foreign nationality, I have also written as a person of Caribbean identity in wishing for the greatest hopes for the Caribbean Community itself, which has been of the composition of my greatest interests, as I do also wish for the greatest hopes for the communities of the world, truly.

[2] As in general, I am always in implication of what is of lawful activities when I refer to “pursuit” or such.

[3] I am in belief that this radical variation of situational idealism of a greatly perpetuated message of Mr. Obama can serve in a perfecting acceleration for advancing the greatest yields of his theory on the matter. As this is an issue of great urgency to some and of definitively-expected [contemporary] manifestations, regardless of the level of installed principles in relation, I aim to convey this as a special message to the loyalists of the Democratic Party. As we have witnessed that much comprehensive work has been promoted in a great orchestrated-effort by the party-base for the emancipative aspirations & achievement of advancements in the health-care system, per the well-designed message of Former Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton where in addition to the well-supportive evocations of a significant free-world doctrine of inspirational material [of the early works] of Barack Obama, the situation proposes the same format of coalescence; no compromise ought to derail the hopes of families – honest, working, contributing, living, & breathing ordinary American persons of the circumstances of lesser security but of equally deserving characteristics for experiencing the American dream.


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Work Cited

John, Shawn Dexter. The New Societies: Concepts & Apperceptions of an Eastern Caribbean model of Commonality; Bloomington: Iuniverse (2012).


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